684 Paving Moving Forward!

Our fantastic neighbor Mara Glassel has been pushing on the subject for 2 years now.  She has made tremendous progress.

Hello Bedford Neighbors,

I wanted to share the below link with you, which is currently in the public domain on the official DOT site.   After having the funding approved last summer, it took until last month to have the Department of Budget formally communicate to the DOT that the funding had indeed been allocated for this paving project.  Now that the formal process has occurred, our local DOT has put this project in their program.  Project bidding will occur this spring with the project occurring over the summer.  In speaking with Todd Westhuis (Regional DOT head), the project will also include certain repairs to the roadway as part of the scope (i.e. joint repair, etc.).  All of which should help with the noise level.

From the DOT website:

The project will remove the top 1 1/2″ of the asphalt pavement by cold milling and replace it 1″ to 2″ of new pavement along a portion of Interstate Highway Route 684 in the Westchester County Town of Bedford beginning at the Northend of the Interstate 684 bridges over New York State Route 172 and ending at the Interstate 684 Bridge over Harris Road. In addition gutters and catchbasins will be repaired as needed within the project limits. Thia route serves as a primary connection between Connecticutt and the New York Metropolitan Area and carries approximately 50,000 vehicles daily.