BCSD – Is School Choice Coming to Bedford or is it Just the End of Neighborhood Schools?

A friend of mine forwarded to me an email concerning the recent motion by a BCSD board member to allow some Mount Kisco parents the choice and where their children go to school.  In my mind choice is always a good thing.  I have not been following this issue if you have any suggestions please let me know.

Here’s the text from the email that my friend received.

Dear Neighbor:

BCSD board of education member Edward Reder has proposed to transfer up to 100 Mount Kisco elementary students to West Patent Elementary School in the Fall of 2017.

In our estimation this is merely the first step of a few board members desire to end our neighborhood school system and change it to a magnet school or Princeton plan program in order to solve the overcrowding issue in Mt. Kisco.

The neighborhood school system is the backbone of our community and the common bond that our children have with their neighbors.

Immediate concerns expressed throughout the community are the risk of lawsuits, increased classroom sizes, mismanagement of school resources, and inequitable treatment toward parents across the district who have indicated an interest in school choice in the past.

See the video here go to the 3:16:00 mark https://bedfordcsdtv.viebit.com/player.php?hash=7qbpdcaRvzpV#<https://bedfordcsdtv.viebit.com/player.php?hash=7qbpdcaRvzpV>

Tell Edward Reder and the board of education what you think of his disruptive plans for our schools: