Bedford Might Ban Leaf Blowers

The Town of Bedford is going through a public hearing process by which one possible outcome is the full or partial banning of leaf blowers in the entire town. This is the preferred solution from the Bedford 2020 people. Fortunately at the recent public hearing which was held with a standing room only audience it is estimated that 75 percent of the attendees were against an outright ban.

Many of the attendees accused Chris Burdick and local town government of taking another extreme position and abusing its authority. Many people thought that the town was under the thumb of the Bedford 2020 people who were using this issue to advance their environmental positions. Members of the committee making suggestions are also members of Bedford 2020. It was clear to many of the attendees that a simple change in the ordinance may be restricting the weekend hours of leaf blower usage was more than adequate to solve the problem. Other people claimed it was a solution searching for a problem!

Here are the public we available notes from the meeting.