Chris Burdick Politicizes Bedford’s Immigrant Community

At the board meeting Tuesday (March 7th), Bedford Supervisor Chris Burdick once again took to his well-worn political strategy of riling a group of well-meaning activists by creating a problem he later takes credit for solving.

This time his victims were Bedford’s immigrant community.

After making a dubious promise to his “progressive” extreme left-wing base to make Bedford a “sanctuary city” (a concept about which he and his supporters have little understanding, especially in execution) which resulted in a rare standing-room-only crowd at the Town House, Burdick introduced a stunningly meaningless resolution to the town board – that the rest of the board had no hand in writing.

The first part of the resolution stated that the town and the board aren’t racist, insulting the board and it’s employees with the assumption that they indeed were before this needless document educated them on his to act and what to think.

The second part reaffirmed that the town’s police will continue its existing policy – a policy in place for decades – of not doing the Federal government’s job while doing its own. Proving of course that Bedford has been a very well run municipality well before (and despite of) Burdick’s appearance on the scene.

This action – like so many of this supervisor’s before – left both sides wondering why time and resources were wasted in such a self-serving, self-indulgent way.

Both unsatisfied. Both played by our town’s cynical and always-political supervisor.