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Me | Here | 1 month ago

I would like to know how the issues raised on this site are based on facts. Aren’t facts based on information taken in as a whole rather than cherry picked and reworded to fit a certain point of view? Many of the headlines here are opinion not “discussion actually based.”

MKES parent | Mt. Kisco | 1 month ago

We support Ed. So what if he is on the school board to serve the interests of Mt. Kisco? We need him there and we voted that way. He promised us he would defend our village and he has. Ed is popular among parents and teachers. He was so popular with the union that they wanted to endorse him last election. Isn’t that a good thing?

Community Advocate | Bedford Hills | 2 months ago

Dr. Manno clearly stated that there will be no end to neighborhood schools, and that the number of Mt. Kisco based students that may end up going to WP is somewhere 11. If the school has capacity, what’s the problem? Where is your proof that WP parents are upset?

Community Parent | Mt. Kisco | 2 months ago

Please look to Dr. Manno’s presentation of his recommendation that he made last night at the BCSD board meeting. This meeting can be viewed on line and all of the content is going to be made available online at the BCSD web site. He addresses all of the concerns in the risk analysis that was presented last year by the the Space and Enrollment Committee. This is the place to get the facts to educate yourself about this issue.

Alex | BHills | 2 months ago

How about we stop the madness and get rid of dual-language altogether and end the experiment Adrienne Viscardi and her cohorts started on underprivileged children in Mount Kisco. No one speaks up for the Latino children who we all know will benefit immensely from total English immersion. My fellow liberals have lost their way, as they applaud giving these children 50% of the English that BCSD’s older ELL students have historically gotten.

Theresa Flora | Mt. Kisco | 2 months ago

Oh the irony of it all.

Community Parent | Mt. Kisco | 2 months ago

Mt. Kisco Elementary School has a high ESL population and that is not going to change by ignoring their educational needs. Ignoring such a need will not benefit the community at large either economically or socially in the long term if this population is not provided a solid education that is also inclusive. This is a very special opportunity for English speakers in the community to have an enriched educational experience by learning a second language alongside native speakers. A dual language school of choice offers just the solution and opportunity to promote a strong school community and greater community in Mt. Kisco. It is also the most effective approach to not undo the hard work the board has done to get the district’s finances back in order. I urge you to please take the time and attend or tune into Dr. Manno’s extremely thorough and fact based presentation at the BCSD Board Meeting on Wednesday so that you may form an informed conclusion about the the dual language program at MKES.

A real parent | Bedford | 2 months ago

Mr. Santomero, your whole narrative of the unraveling of society is a clickbait piece on par with the bot army. You speak about neighborhoods yet clearly have issues with demographics and a misunderstanding at best or intentionally misleading at worst hypothesis. Don’t vilify the children as causing your property value to drop, because there are many more factors at work. Having children get the best education possible includes having bilingualism and might even raise property values by giving parents the option to choose where it wasn’t possible before. Believe it or not people choosing to move actually look at education options and this one expands the menu making homes more enticing for growing families.

Anonymous | Bcsd | 2 months ago

Stay informed people. This proposal actually looks OK. Everyone keeps their own neighborhood schools. Dual language stays at Mount Kisco. If you actually want to send your kids to Mount Kisco for dual language you can, but if you want them to stay where they are you can do that too.

Elizabeth Ronel | Pound Ridge | 2 months ago

This shouldn’t be a cultural issue, race issue. MK could be a wonderful town but it’s like that land time forgot bec of politics and high rent. I, for one, want it to thrive and I live in Pound Ridge. If the MK schools are packed and over burdened spread the population around all the other schools in the district. People are people and every one of our families started some where. But don’t close all the neighborhood schools. That is a decision that will be regretted. Just fill them by spreading the student body around more from the over burdened schools. And have a bilingual magnet, that can benefit everyone – or have a bilingual program in the schools with kids who do not speak English yet. There are kids in FLHS who are just floating along who still don’t speak English and that leaves them feeling very instead I’m sure. And they aren’t benefiting from our rindsrful school system. When one does well, we all do well.

Common sense. | Mt Kisco | 2 months ago

It is the School Board you (all BCSD residents) voted in that created the mess in Mt Kisco. Now it’s time to fix the problems they created. Equal access to education is a simple right we should all have, no matter how inconvenient to some.

Concerned parent | BCSD | 2 months ago

This was actually a recommendation of the space and enrollment committee which was comprised of parents from every elementary school. Framing it as purely a Mt. Kisco recommendation is misleading. The article also leaves out plenty of pertinent facts. For instance, Pound Ridge and Bedford Village operate at around 60% capacity. How would absorbing a moderate amount of students affect your home values? That’s an odd argument. Like it or not, Mt Kisco students end up in Fox Lane MS and HS. Not addressing those issues will have a far greater impact on your child’s education and home value. Perhaps it’s time for the district at large to understand that Mt Kisco is in fact part of your community no matter how much you deny it. Which begs another question. Why is there such resistance to the notion it is part of the community? Hmmm….

Elizabeth Ronel | Pound Ridge and FLMS/HS parent | 2 months ago

What is wrong with having a bilingual school in MK where the majority of Hispanic families reside? The majority of students in BCSD speak English and the schools broken down by neighborhood works fine. We need the various schools to accommodate the student body. If the concern is about exposing Hispanic kids more to the Anglo kids then put them in the various schools but don’t disrupt the village schools.

Marian Belli | Bedford Hills | 2 months ago

This is truly disgusting and I am glad to know this before Election Day. I wish someone else would run for Town Supervisor.

Tim | Bedford | 9 months ago

Bedford, nor any city in America, should be a sanctuary city. If somebody has come here illegally they are in fact a criminal since the first day they arrived. We should not cater to illegals. It’s time to put the American citizen first for a change.

Stanley R. | Bedford | 10 months ago

Mr. Santomero, I appreciate you being so candid about how this would benefit you personally and monetarily –and yet you object to it because of your love for what Bedford is. Town over personal gain. Much appreciated from this fellow resident. Thank you.

Rachel | Mt. Kisco | 10 months ago

“For once” you were proud to live in Bedford? Sounds a lot like our former first lady, Deena. Sad. People in Bedford and Chappaqua give those of us in Mt. Kisco a hoot. You just love illegal immigrants… because when they are done manicuring your properties and cleaning your homes, you send them away to another town, like mine. And you make sure your children don’t go to school with their children either. Watch the pitchforks come out in Secretary Clinton’s hometown if NY state ever redistricted part of Mt. Kisco into Chappaqua schools. Hypocrites. #NIMBY

David Michaelis | Bedford, NY | 10 months ago

I support the petition and honor decency and kindness for all in the town of Bedford.

Deena Scherer | Bedford | 10 months ago

Yes it was a great meeting last night. So many fine people turned out. Only one brash, cold nay sayer. For once I was proud to live in Bedford. I support the petition whole heartedly.

Luke | Bedford | 10 months ago

Absolutely not! There is no reason to allow illegals a safe space when they already overran Mt. Kisco. It’s gonna bring nothing but problems.

Laura | Katonah | 10 months ago

Why is the title so misleading? Parents pay for this trip! This is an end of MS celebration. Who would begrudge a class of students a celebration when it takes place outside of school hours and is NOT paid for by tax dollars?

KRB | Bedford | 10 months ago

YES! This IS what we want. Why do you want to give our police the added burden of acting as ICE agents? It’s a stupid and unnecessary expense, besides being morally indefensible.

Susan | Katonah | 10 months ago

Sanctuary City in Bedford. No thanks. There is already one in Mt. Kisco, a village that was once quaint and middle class , it is filed with drunken illegal men who urinate on buildings. Downtown resembles Fordham road , barber shops, bad restaurants , and banks without any one to loan to.

Bill | Bedford | 10 months ago

The draft resolution has dropped any reference to ‘sanctuary’. It is about decency and has local police support. I bet your priest or rabbi supports it 100% as do the majority of residents. Just watch the commmunity throw hate out of town.

Joe | Katonah | 10 months ago

Rachel – that’s a rather “extremist” comment to make, when you make sweeping claims without anything to back it up. Do you personally know every person who supports sanctuary cities? And, could you cite some facts as to your claims about support for sanctuary cities.

Rachel | Mt. Kisco | 10 months ago

Peter, anyone who is supportive of a sanctuary town/city is indeed an extremist. No one should be given sanctuary from our nation’s laws. The vast majority of your countrymen do NOT support sanctuary cities, therefore those who do lie on the fringe (where extremists reside). My town has been immeasurably hurt by unmitigated illegal immigration. Would you like to swap your Katonah home with mine (that has lost 35% of its value)? We both know the answer.

Peter | Katonah | 10 months ago

I can tell you’re full of s— regarding a desire for a factually based discussion when you start by labeling people as “extremists” without any factual basis to do so. Also, the petition does not actually call for Bedford to be declared a sanctuary city.

Peter | Katonah | 10 months ago

The title of the page about the dinner cruise is wrong. KLSD did not spend $36,000 on a dinner cruise; the PTO and the 8th grade families paid. Even the article says so. Who cares whether the school was involved in the contract?

J. Timmel | Bedford, NY | 10 months ago

I also opted out of the so-called “green” electric plan, and am very glad I did.

John J. Timmel | Bedford, NY 10506 | 10 months ago

I am strongly opposed to the concept of a “sanctuary city.” I will not contribute to, or vote for, any Bedford public official who supports this idea.

Scott Johnston | Bedford Hills | 11 months ago

This is a layup. The only reason Uber isn’t everywhere is because politicians are being greased by the taxi industry.

J. Zimmerman | Bedford | 1 year ago

We are the only district to reject our budget. Maybe it should have stayed under the TAX CAP.

Scott Johnston | Bedford Hills | 1 year ago


The +4% budget missed passing by 54 votes. That’s it. Did you miss the vote? Be thankful it didn’t pass by 1. It could happen.

Now, the school board is trying to decide what to do next. NY state law gives them a “do-over” It’s a horrible concept because it gives them little incentive to sharpen the pencil the first time, but that’s the state we live in.

They will be tempted to submit another cap-busting budget. Surely, they might think, they can pick up those extra votes, and in late June the private school families or those without kids will be drifting off.

In an effort to produce a Greek Chorus of support, some BCSD parents have sent out a survey to the community – their community. I know I didn’t get it, I had to rely on some Mad as Hell readers to forward it to me. The survey seeks to frighten parents with cuts (music! sports!) when the real issue is the BTA (Bedford Teachers Association – the union), and their unwillingness to accept a pay freeze or less (wildly) generous benefits.

I urge everyone to answer the survey. It takes about a minute. Tell them you won’t stand for more hikes until the fundamental problem is fixed. We can’t go through this every year. Make sure to make a comment at the bottom demonstrating you know where the real problem lies – the BTA.

Incidentally, before you think I’m being “mean” or I just don’t like teachers (I was one, incidentally), you can see what teachers and admins make at BCSD here: Keep in mind, this is only base salaries, and only for 180 days of contractual work. Rule of thumb is to add another 30% for benefits, and that doesn’t even include pensions, which are 75% of peak base salary for life.

Here is the survey:

And make sure to plan on voting June 21st! If you’re not here, get an absentee ballot. (I will let you know when those become available.)


Admin | Bedford | 2 years ago

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