Mr. Albano’s curriculum

This is a reply to the someone (Student) who claims to have been in Mr. Albano’s class, as I was. My fellow classmate doesn’t understand that it’s not differing viewpoints that people object to with this poem or this teacher, but that it’s the fact that one viewpoint has been taught and celebrated when we should have multiple viewpoints taught or, better yet, have literary lessons presented that don’t uncomfortably bring politics and race into our English classes at Fox Lane. Does this happen at all the other high schools around here? This is English class, not polysci or social studies or debate club or social justice hour. There were so many great literary works that we could have spent time on, as I’m guessing other high school English teachers do. Instead, we wasted time on stuff like this poem. White privilege junk is just a new form of racism that I guess is acceptable to some of our teachers, but it’s not fair to the students. I am one of those who has really needed to fly under the radar in our school because I don’t believe the things that most of my classmates or teachers do. It sucks. Mr. Albano is a really nice guy, but he’s an activist who happens to also be a teacher in our school. He couldn’t be more biased and he pushed his views on us constantly. I honestly just think he did it because he couldn’t help himself and believes so strongly what he believes. It still wasn’t fair though.