This shouldn’t be a cultural issue, race issue. MK could be a wonderful town but it’s like that land time forgot bec of politics and high rent. I, for one, want it to thrive and I live in Pound Ridge. If the MK schools are packed and over burdened spread the population around all the other schools in the district. People are people and every one of our families started some where. But don’t close all the neighborhood schools. That is a decision that will be regretted. Just fill them by spreading the student body around more from the over burdened schools. And have a bilingual magnet, that can benefit everyone – or have a bilingual program in the schools with kids who do not speak English yet. There are kids in FLHS who are just floating along who still don’t speak English and that leaves them feeling very instead I’m sure. And they aren’t benefiting from our rindsrful school system. When one does well, we all do well.