Proposed Building in Mount Kisco to Cost Pound Ridge and Bedford Residents Millions of $’s

Supervisor Burdick, Supervisor Hansan and Bedford and Pound Ridge Town Boards,

Today is Oct 1st, the due date for the first half of taxpayer’s Bedford Central School District’s school tax bill.  I have attached an article below regarding an RFP that the Mt. Kisco has recently circulated.  I urge you to review it and take action.

The proposed development is for 200-250 housing units in downtown Mt Kisco.

If this development proceeds, it will negatively impact every taxpayer and student in Bedford and Pound Ridge.

As you are aware, BCSD is a community school district paid for by 5 towns (Bedford, Pound Ridge, Mt Kisco, North Castle and New Castle).  The current system apportions the school tax levy by market value.  Calculation: Town’s Market Value/Total District Market value = % of tax levy.

Bedford currently pays 48.1% of the tax levy.  Pound Ridge pays 24.06% of the tax levy.  The two towns pay over 72% of the total tax levy for BCSD.  Mt Kisco currently pays 21.15% of the tax levy. (Source: BCSD).

Mt Kisco’s proposed development is for 200-250 apartment units.  This development would likely generate approximately 50-75 students.  In 2017-2018 school year, BCSD spent over $31,000 per pupil.  65 students X $31,000 = $2,015,000. (Source:BCSD)

Where is the money for these students going to come from?  Who is going to pay?

The answer is the Bedford and Pound Ridge taxpayer.

Even after you adjust for the added market value to Mt Kisco of this proposed development, 71% of the added costs will be paid by the taxpayers of Bedford and Pound Ridge!!

I again urge you to become involved and protect the taxpayers and students that live in Bedford and Pound Ridge.  Over 68% of your constituents tax bill is BCSD school tax.

Thank you for you time and consideration.  If you have additional questions, please contact me.


Vincent Morrow
Bedford, NY
BCSD Budget Advisory Committee Member since 2008