Proposed Historic Building Preservation Law

Dear Fellow Bedford Residents:

This Tuesday evening the Town Board is considering adopting a new revised law in effect classifying our homes as historical assets of the town.  While we all appreciate and value the historical nature of our community, I personally did not purchase my real estate so that the town could take control of my family’s home.

The proposed law specifically outlines only six things that we as homeowners are allowed to do to our homes; all other actions need to come before yet another town committee to seek approval (see page 3 of the proposed law.) If we take action beyond what the new law allows, the town has a range of options from denying us building permits, fining us and in the extreme per the law, incarceration (see page 14 paragraph B.)

I urge you to attend the public hearing this Tuesday night, 8 PM at Town Hall and tell the Town Board what you think of the proposal.

 I have attached two letters from my attorney to the Town Board concerning the many issues I have with the proposed law and process.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me back or call me at the number below.

Camillo Santomero

914 242 9118

Historic Homes Ltrs – Santomero


Link to the proposed law:


Link to a list of tier 1 and tier 2 homes: