Reder and Mt. Kisco Pushing to End Neighborhood Schools


Mount Kisco through School Board member Ed Reder is pushing harder for a MAGNET SCHOOL (for MKES) than they have pushed for anything before.

A dual-language magnet school.

Any one who wants Dual Language education… is bused to Mt. Kisco.

Those who don’t, get bused to another school.

This will end neighborhood schools in BCSD as we know it.

If the board and administration don’t find some religion, we will find Bedford and Pound Ridge home values even lower, if you can believe that.

TO see the opening salvo watch the School Board video (1:59:30 mark)

Once neighborhood schools are ended for one area reconfiguration of the entire system will shortly follow.

PUBLIC HEARING – Make Your Voice Heard

At the FLMS little theater this Wednesday Nov, 15 at 7pm.

Superintendent Manno will make his recommendations to our school board with respect to this subject.  If there was ever a meeting you should tune in to or physically attend, this is the one.