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Letter from Board about Impasse

Read about the cost to our state from mandates and other issues – written by the NYS School Boards Assoc. – Great Read

What is the board asking for

• That teachers pick up 20% of the cost of their health plans instead of 10%, which would then make them consistent with district administrators. Federal employees typically pay 25%, and private sector employees often 50%.

• That teachers accept pay raises of 3.2%, 2.2%, and 2.2% for the next three years. This is a slight moderation from what they would otherwise get.

• That the school be allowed more flexibility with regards to teachers schedules, including the right to ask teachers to work six periods per day (out of nine) instead of just five. Six is closer to the national average.

• Eliminate automatic raises for the first 15 years of a teacher’s career. Tie raises to performance and professional development, like in the real world. The union says they want to be treated like professionals so they should know that real professionals don’t get automatic raises for just showing up every year.

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