From: Camillo M. Santomero
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2008 8:07 AM
To: 'LaColla, Carole'
Subject: FOIL Request

Contacts: Carole LaColla
Under the NYS Freedom of Information Law, I am requesting any and all records relating to the "certain dispute" between the Bedford Central Board of Education and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Debra Jackson that resulted in her termination agreement.
After consulting with a FOIL expert, based upon previous court rulings, BOE and district records relating to the "dispute" cited in the agreement are covered under FOIL, regardless of any confidentiality clause between the board and the superintendent.
Please let me know your response to this request as soon as possible, and if you need any further from me.
Camillo M. Santomero
(914) 242-9118
393 Guard Hill Road
Bedford, NY 10506