The reality

Nobody wants to accept the reality that MK is burdening the district, done through the town’s policies over the past 2 decades. Their students require a larger proportion of the budget per student, do not perform as well academically (on average), and do not contribute as much money to the school. This has had a triple negative effect on the district: the budget increased because of these new costs related to support for disadvantaged students, average academic performance per student decreased, and the schools academic ranking decreased. Think of the budget crisis that happened in spring ‘16. This resulted in multiple programs being cut, specifically many classes and organizations that used to boost FLHS’s reputation.
When the budget continues to stay the same or increase AND the academic ranking of Fox Lane decreases, you’re going to see a LOT of people leave or not want to move into the district. The ones that do will be more enticed to send their kids to private school, again decreasing average student performance. Property values would start to decline once the schools are noticeably worse. Heavy budget cuts would pass in response to less money from taxes, and more academic programs will have to be abandoned in order to still support low income students.

Once again, the more low-income students enter the district, statistically the average academic performance will decrease & less property tax will be paid to support the district. By MK being totally lax with immigration, they essentially created a hub for illegal immigrants because they know they won’t get deported, and won’t be stopped from working as day laborers (thank you neighbors link!). This heavily decreased property values in MK and has lead to business district struggles due to a less affluent population.

MK has caused most of the current struggles of the district due, I would say it is only fair that the town of MK should pay more money to the district. If such would bankrupt the town even more, thus, I believe there should be a return to having a separate mount kisco high school. If this is unrealistic then I guess the district is just bound to decline.

P.S. don’t call me racist because you disagree with my point of view, I mentioned nothing about race or deporting anyone and am solely speaking about the analysis of a low-income influx, how it has affected our district, and if it can be reversed. Thanks.