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The Katonah minority | Katonah | 6 years ago

Well, well, well. Some of us in Katonah were called all kinds of names for correctly analyzing court documents and taking the word of a woman in Ms. Frye who was actually bilked of a condominium by someone she called “friend.” And we in Bedford sadly call this thief Ms. Carr “councilwoman?” It is high time Ms. Carr do the only honorable thing she can at this point and resign. This is an embarrassment for the town of Bedford.

Margaret | Bedford | 6 years ago

How sad that our standards for Bedford public servants have sunk so low as to allow someone like Ms. Carr, who is so lacking in ethics, to hold such an esteemed position on our town’s board. I am very disappointed in Supervisor Burdick, a man I held in high regard. This is a blight on him and the town.

Matt | Katonah ny | 6 years ago

You Ms. Carr are a list and a thief and should be in jail right now

Marian Belli | Bedford Hills | 6 years ago

This is truly disgusting and I am glad to know this before Election Day. I wish someone else would run for Town Supervisor.

Stanley R. | Bedford | 7 years ago

Mr. Santomero, I appreciate you being so candid about how this would benefit you personally and monetarily –and yet you object to it because of your love for what Bedford is. Town over personal gain. Much appreciated from this fellow resident. Thank you.

Rachel | Mt. Kisco | 7 years ago

“For once” you were proud to live in Bedford? Sounds a lot like our former first lady, Deena. Sad. People in Bedford and Chappaqua give those of us in Mt. Kisco a hoot. You just love illegal immigrants… because when they are done manicuring your properties and cleaning your homes, you send them away to another town, like mine. And you make sure your children don’t go to school with their children either. Watch the pitchforks come out in Secretary Clinton’s hometown if NY state ever redistricted part of Mt. Kisco into Chappaqua schools. Hypocrites. #NIMBY

David Michaelis | Bedford, NY | 7 years ago

I support the petition and honor decency and kindness for all in the town of Bedford.

Deena Scherer | Bedford | 7 years ago

Yes it was a great meeting last night. So many fine people turned out. Only one brash, cold nay sayer. For once I was proud to live in Bedford. I support the petition whole heartedly.

Luke | Bedford | 7 years ago

Absolutely not! There is no reason to allow illegals a safe space when they already overran Mt. Kisco. It’s gonna bring nothing but problems.

Susan | Katonah | 7 years ago

Sanctuary City in Bedford. No thanks. There is already one in Mt. Kisco, a village that was once quaint and middle class , it is filed with drunken illegal men who urinate on buildings. Downtown resembles Fordham road , barber shops, bad restaurants , and banks without any one to loan to.

Bill | Bedford | 7 years ago

The draft resolution has dropped any reference to ‘sanctuary’. It is about decency and has local police support. I bet your priest or rabbi supports it 100% as do the majority of residents. Just watch the commmunity throw hate out of town.

Joe | Katonah | 7 years ago

Rachel – that’s a rather “extremist” comment to make, when you make sweeping claims without anything to back it up. Do you personally know every person who supports sanctuary cities? And, could you cite some facts as to your claims about support for sanctuary cities.

Rachel | Mt. Kisco | 7 years ago

Peter, anyone who is supportive of a sanctuary town/city is indeed an extremist. No one should be given sanctuary from our nation’s laws. The vast majority of your countrymen do NOT support sanctuary cities, therefore those who do lie on the fringe (where extremists reside). My town has been immeasurably hurt by unmitigated illegal immigration. Would you like to swap your Katonah home with mine (that has lost 35% of its value)? We both know the answer.

Peter | Katonah | 7 years ago

I can tell you’re full of s— regarding a desire for a factually based discussion when you start by labeling people as “extremists” without any factual basis to do so. Also, the petition does not actually call for Bedford to be declared a sanctuary city.

J. Timmel | Bedford, NY | 7 years ago

I also opted out of the so-called “green” electric plan, and am very glad I did.

John J. Timmel | Bedford, NY 10506 | 7 years ago

I am strongly opposed to the concept of a “sanctuary city.” I will not contribute to, or vote for, any Bedford public official who supports this idea.

Scott Johnston | Bedford Hills | 7 years ago

This is a layup. The only reason Uber isn’t everywhere is because politicians are being greased by the taxi industry.